Friday, 30 July 2010

A Busy Weekend

Looks to be a great weekend of Formula 1 racing in Hungary, where the Hungaroring is similar to a karting track with its twisting, technical elements. Unfortunately for me, I won't be watching the qualifying and racing -- certainly not live anyway -- as I'll be racing in a Rotax karting series in Hampshire.

Looking forward to it too as my CRG is being kitted up with a full telemetry set up for data analysis for speed, throttle position, brake position, GPS position and cornering G-forces. I'm being loaned the equipment by AIM Technologies for a piece I'm writing for Karting Magazine next month. Here's the gear to be fitted first thing in the morning:

And if you want a sample of the sort of racing Rotax karting can deliver, here it is:

Enjoy your weekend!

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